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About Us

India is a diverse country, which comprises of 28 states; every state has its own unique and diverse cooking style, flavor/taste, and richness. It would be really unjust to judge any particular state to have the best food in India.

The cultural heritage of each state has its own unique and diversified food culture, each food stands with its own taste. South India comprises Tamil Nadu, Andhara Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka, and Telangana. Each state has its own culture, history, unique traditions, and art. The region is a repository of enriching, unique and memorable experiences.

We receive the love of many and are a world class South Indian (Quick Service Restaurants) chain with a distinct personality and welcoming ambience. It is Dosa hut mission to delight our patrons not just with great flavors, but also the freshest ingredients possible in ultra-modern kitchens. Dosas are one of the traditional South Indian foods but its taste is not only limited to South India only.

The population across India also likes its taste. We have a highly trained and professional team of chefs who work with us. While making Dosas our chef’s team always takes care about the taste, cleanness and proper hygiene. In an ever-evolving market, we believe in delighting and amusing our customers with new innovations in our menu. This further keeps us way ahead of competition.

Kalaiarasan Selvaraj

Chef Story

Food is always passionate affair for him. As mostly everyone loves to do the cooking at home. Kalaiarasan Selvaraj also had spent much of time in the kitchen and while working beside his mother got inspired. She motivated him to try his skills and technique while preparing the simple foods. From there he got interested in cooking and visions it as a work of art, which led him to become a chef with a touch of creativity and uniqueness in food. In his childhood days, he participates in a small level cooking competition in school and secured the 1st position. This inspired other people also to choose the field of cooking as a career in food industry.
He enrolled in a hotel management course and gradually trained as a professional chef. He also got selected amongst hundreds of chefs to get placed in Canada wherein only 3 chefs were chosen by a Canadian family.

Amongst the chosen candidates one is our chef Kalaiarasan Selvaraj. He has 14 years of rich and wide experience of food diversity. After working in different restaurants for many years with a lot of different kind of experiences and ideas he finally decided to open his own restaurant.

In which he can follow his passion for food with his own unique style and creativity. This dream has paid off in a very affluent manner and each of his customers enjoys their food immensely and walks out of the restaurant with a smile.