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India is a diverse country, and among its 28 states, every state has its own unique cooking style, taste, and richness. South India comprises various state. Each state has its own culture, history and art. South Indian food has earned much fame across the globe, particularly for mouth-watering and tasty dishes like uttapam, Vada, Dosa, Rawa Dosa, Idli, and Sambhar.
A much loved, world class South Indian chain with a distinct personality and welcoming ambience, it is dosa hut mission to delight our patrons not just with great flavours, but also the freshest ingredients possible in ultra-modern kitchens.Dosas are one of the traditional South Indian foods but it’s taste is not only limited to South India only.
The population across India also like its taste.We have a highly trained team of chefs who work with us. While making dosas our chef’s team always take care about the taste, cleanness and proper hygiene.In an ever-evolving market, We believes in delighting the customers with new innovations in its menu and this keeps us way ahead of competition.

Dosa: India’s All-Time Favorite Snack Dish

Masala dosa is the most popular South Indian dish loved by people not only in India but also all across the world.It comes in wide varieties. It is found all over India and in a few overseas countries.


To be the world’s best food business serving the best and affordable recipies.


To serve the hunger,to provide jobs to the needy,to create entrepreneurship opportunity.


We build relationships with the customers to set the standard for their employees.

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Whatever your occasion, We makes it one to remember!

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The recipe is mainly eaten by vegetarians. The dosa is rich in carbohydrates, contains no saturated fats, salt, sugar and low in calories. Dosa is very delicious yet light, they are popular among digestion problems and diet conscious people. An 86 gram Dosa provides 162 calories, which is just around 8% of the daily recommended intake. It is also a good source of protein.
Ingredients used for preparing the Crepe-
The crepe is prepared by mixing rice with other lentils.
Chana Dal
Methi Seeds
Flattened Rice
Idli Rice
Urad Dal
There are many Dosa varieties in the country, Masala Dosa, paneer dosa Ghee Dosa, Onion Dosa, KalDosa, Paper roast to name few.

And if you have Dosa on your mind, then Kalai’s Dosa Hut is going to give you everything you want. We believe that our revolutionary machine will help Dosa to garner more love and respect not only from Indian but also from international food lovers. We will cover your plate with so much masala dosa that you will forget about the other places. We serve some of the most delicious and wide variety of dosa that you will never forget.

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Kalai’s Dosa hut offers a fine dining experience that shows extraordinary south indin dishes with creative indian accents.


Best gluten free restaurant. The food quality, presentation, and taste are impeccable. Truly an amazing experience. Service is great and courses are well spaced out. Frederic Burrell

“Vegetarian’s paradise. Best food. You can select the ingredients as per your diet plan. “The food is good and the place offers great ambience with good crowd.” Ethan

The service and the food is top notch. I’m a believer in reserving perfect scores to the most exquisite, and Alo is just that. The attention to detail and care in their food and service was in every way perfect. Leon Tai

“Great ambience with gluten free and vegan menu.. they know about the contamination part ao you can eat without guilt.. Lucas

The service and the food is top notch. I’m a believer in reserving perfect scores to the most exquisite, and Alo is just that. The attention to detail and care in their food and service was in every way perfect. John Smith

Hi guys a few days back I went you for a lunch with my friends. It was an amazing place where you can come with your friends and have a hangout. The environment is very cosy and ambience is beautiful. The staff take care of every customer need. Ethan



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Whatever your occasion, We makes it one to remember!

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